You are tired of taking Spanish courses and make no progress.

You think you have no abilities for languages and that you are wasting your time.

You afraid of making a fool of yourself when speaking in Spanish.

Lack of spare time is your perfect excuse to not learn Spanish.

You like to learn Spanish but you do not take courses because you hate grammar.

You enrolled for a “miraculous” method but it did not work for you.

It also happened to me.

I fully understand you.

“Me too…”

Classes were not personalized and, above all, they did not cover my needs.

Classes were so terribly boring that they did not motivate me at all and I ended up. 

I missed out job opportunities because I did not speak a particular language. 

Resources and material used were always the same: a textbook and a workbook.

I was looking for a motivating approach, a teaching method that can make me feel enthusiasm about learning and not the usual discouragement and despair.

Some programs promise “miracles”, such as learning a language in 15 days. This never worked.

Would you like to change this situation NOW and make professional progress?



A language cannot be taught. It has to be learned.


I exactly know what I am saying.

I can give you tons of grammar or vocabulary, but you, only you, have the key in your hands:

You just need to be willing to learn, be motivated and be constant in learning Spanish.



 An enjoyable learning process with much fun and, above all, motivation.

Special focus on your hobbies and the activities you like most to make you faster achieve your goals.

Forget about conventional methods based on: “No pain, no gain”.

Additionally, you will receive a customized plan, which will allow you to improve your natural fluency and your written skills.

Hello! My name is Natalia!

 Please let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about myself…

After 20 years of working as a Project Manager in the international sales department of a multinational company, I felt that I had to reinvent myself.

By the same time, as life is capricious and sometimes it turns unexpectedly, I met up again with an old flame who was living in the French-speaking area of Switzerland. I packed my bags and I moved!

As I had a strong backup in foreign languages and I’ve always wanted to do something related to it, I took a professional turn and I started to focus on teaching languages. I must say that I feel really lucky as, since I was a teenager, I lived in different countries, where I had the chance to perfectly learn their language: the French-speaking area of Switzerland and Brazil.

As an anecdote, I remember with great tenderness that, when I was a child, I used to look at my French cousins with astonishment and admiration when they spoke in French. Then I tried to imitate them in front of a mirror, inventing the words and dreaming that someday I would also speak French.

A few years later, I moved to Switzerland! But while preparing myself to teach Spanish as a foreign language, life surprised me again! We had our lovely daughter! 

For the first time in years, I felt that I was taking the right decisions!

Obviously, I wanted to be fully involved in my child’s education and spend as much time as possible with her. And teaching languages perfectly fitted with this. At this stage, I only had to complete my training and embark myself on my new professional career. I studied a master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and I did my internship at the Université de Lausanne.

I am fully dedicated to what I love most, teaching languages!

This is how you will learn Spanish at Ecole Cervantes: 

You will learn to speak Spanish and to communicate from the beginning of the course.
Classes will be fully customized.
You will manage your own learning and will decide what you want and need to learn.
You will progress at your own pace.
We will provide the resources and material that will help you progress professionally. 
And, in particular, we will add a good dose of creativity for you to enjoy the learning process.

Students testimonials 

See what other students have to say …

Natalia is a great teacher.  She is very nice and friendly and the lessons with her helped me a lot. She corrected a text for my final exam and explained grammar points and appropriate expressions to me in a way that was very easy to understand. Not only did she correct my mistakes and improved some of my sentences, but she also praised me for some good expressions that I used in my text. This made me proud and I felt more comfortable with my Spanish. With her help, my final exam went really well and I got a full score. I can definitely recommend Natalia as a teacher. Janine Silvia Jost

Modern Languages Student, Germany

I really enjoyed taking classes with Natalia, she greatly contributed to improving my Spanish skills. She is a very meticulous, prepared and enthusiastic teacher. Her lessons are very pleasant and engaging. She was quickly able to understand where my weaknesses were and tailored the classes accordingly. She is very thorough but at the same time has the ability to break down the rules in a simple and effective way. After just a few lessons with her I could already notice a certain improvement. And she is a very well-rounded person, easy to converse with, which together with her positive and energetic approach will keep your motivation always high. I highly recommend Natalia’s classes! Giulio Ponte

Bank Manager , London, England

I met Natalia through the web. I decided that she would be the person who would help me in my project. The sessions were by Skype. She taught me, guided me and especially accompanied me throughout the learning process of the Spanish language. First of all I want to point out the great human quality I found in Natalia. During this process she has given me the space, the understanding and the tranquillity necessary to trust that the achievement of my goal was going to take place. Guilherme Alves

Computer engineer, Sao Paulo, Brazil

These courses will be suitable for you if … 

You want to apply for a job where speaking Spanish is a requirement. 

You are interested in learning Spanish in a fun way.

You want to travel to Spanish-speaking countries without having to face the language barrier.

You are interested in knowing other cultures and ethnic groups.

You would like to build relationships with people from Spanish-speaking countries.

You like disciplined and constant practice. You always wanted to speak Spanish and you do not want to delay it any more.

You feel motivated and you would like to learn Spanish to feel more competitive in the frame of work.


Why study Spanish online with Ecole Cervantes? 

Can I learn Spanish without studying?

Of course. Learning does not mean studying. You can learn Spanish without memorizing endless vocabulary lists or tons of grammar rules. There is another way to learn a language, that is through activities, games, simulation of real situations… This will help you to be more motivated and to make faster progress. theory says that to perfectly speak a language you would need at least 10,000 hours. But this is the hours employed to become an expert: to be fully bilingual and even better that native speakers. However, to naturally and fluently communicate in Spanish, you will only need a few months.  But remember, “practice makes perfect”. It is essential that you keep practicing continuously, even through games or doing what you like most.

What would happen if I buy a pack of 5 or 10 classes and after the first class I am not satisfied?

Do not worry, we can solve it. Before buying the packs, you have a free trial class. This class will help you decide if you would like to buy the pack or not. Moreover, once you have purchased it, if you decide not to continue with the classes, you will be refunded the price of those you have not taken.

How long will it take to learn Spanish?

The theory says that to perfectly speak a language you would need at least 10,000 hours. But this is the hours employed to become an expert: to be fully bilingual and even better that native speakers. However, to naturally and fluently communicate in Spanish, you will only need a few months.

What would happen if I have to cancel a class?

No problem, here are the conditions: Cancellation by the student When cancellation of the class is made 24 hours in advance, the class will be rescheduled according to available dates and times. Cancellations of catch-up classes are not refundable. If the student cancels a catch-up class, the cost will not be refunded. If the class is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance, the cost will not be refunded. Cancellation by the teacher In this case, the class is always rescheduled. If the class cannot be rescheduled, the cost will be refunded to the student.

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